“The spotlight hadn’t dimmed as Molly grew but had changed its glow instead.”

Are you also wondering about how to make everyone -parents, siblings, family, society- appreciate your presence and thereby feel proud of you? Well, if you are, then this one’s for you!

The society’s spotlight is always on us, their continuous interfering or ‘concern’, whatever you want to call it. Do you reckon it will fade away? Well, Let us see. From crib to grave, we find everyone looking at us, everyone bothered about us, isn’t it? In this hassle, we often forget there’s someone who’s more significant or rather matters more, yes! it’s the person who’s life it is.

Be that as it may, it’s okay to mind others views about you. But, never forget, at the end of the day only one person is of utmost importance to you: you yourself. The sooner we realize it, the better off we all will be. Because if we don’t, well time is definitely going to be the last resort, but trust me, that is the last teacher one wants to opt for. Everyone perceives it, but the one’s who are late in the line are the ones who regret. Observe, comprehend and then utilize and act. The limelight never vanishes, so should we conceal ourselves in the locker? No, make the limelight your stage – the one where you will play and the public’s gonna clap.

Want to make people admire and value you? Well, start appreciating your own-self first. Does it matter what others regard you as? I’d be lying if i said no, but is it everything? No, it’s just a peck on the radar. Most of us throw our lives down the drain thinking that no one cares, that’s where the ‘victimhood’ starts. If you start bothering about people and thus start implementing what they want you to, they will for sure give you a pat on the back. But, if you rather endeavour to chase your beliefs, you would feel proud about yourself, even if you fail. And, believe you me, nothing compares to self satisfaction. We burden ourselves by others remarks cause’ that’s what we have made our success scale, these parameters bury us so deep that we never overcome them. But just remember, a step to improve things is the difference between the one at the top and the one who’s still wishing for stuff to happen. And this first stair is the most tiresome or difficult part, but with some patience, hard work and perseverance, one can turn the tables or flip the coin of the their life.

On a personal thought, honestly, I too consider it to be extremely vexing to implement all this just like you. We all struggle, the one who writes it and the one who reads, but not giving up is the key. Don’t be someone who kills the caterpillars and complains why there are no butterflies. Start by making yourself feel contended and proud, the horde will follow, this answers the question we started with. These dots are your life, imploring to be filled………………

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