The “suitable” field

Well, we all heard about the famous bollywood actor’s death. As much as astonished I was, there were many questions too popping yet again in my mind.

Who’s to blame? Sushant or us? I will leave it up to you. You might call him weak, foolish & what not. But are you willing to accept this that at some stages of our lives we all have had this thought in our mind. Dont worry it’s okay, if you dont want to admit. Because well the “society” doesn’t allow us to speak about it, and because of it, we either try to overlook or ignore these things.

Where our parents since childhood teach us that if we secure first, we’ll get a chocolate, and if we come last, we wont get it. Where our parents try to keep us away from kids who aren’t good in studies, & want us to admire people who are academically good. Where parents consider their child dumb & ignorant if he wants to do something out of the box. Where our own parents taunt us for our mistakes, instead of admiring our attributes. Where our parents applaud others kids for doing well in extra-curriculars, & tell their own child to focus on studies instead if he does the same. THESE THINGS ARE BOUND TO HAPPEN IN SUCH A SOCIETY!

You want this to change? You want a better society? Well, start by changing your own house. Applaud your child, everyone is special, everyone can achieve great heights. We all just need a hand on our shoulders, someone standing by us. And when we see our parents being our soldiers, the road becomes easier & struggle becomes a mere formality. A Btech or an MBBS wont make you happy, it isn’t about belonging to a certain profession, it is about doing what you love.

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