“The 10 Human Regrets” by Robin Sharma

1) You reach your last day with the brilliant song that your life was meant to sing silent within you.

2)You reach your last day without ever having experienced the natural power that inhabits you to do great work & achieve great things.

3) You reach your last day realising that you never inspired anyone else by the example that you set.

4) You reach your last day full of pain at the realisation that you never took any bold risks and so you never recieved any bright rewards.

5) You reach your last day understanding that you missed the opportunity to catch a glimpse of mastery because you bought into the lie that you had to be resigned to mediocrity.

6) You reach your last day and feel heartbroken that you never learned the skill of transforming adversity into victory and lead into gold.

7)  You reach your last day regretting that you forgot that work is about being radically helpful to others rather than being only helpful to yourself.

8) You reach your last day with the awareness that you ended up leading the life socity trained you to want versus leading the life you truly wanted to live.

9) You reach your last day and awaken to the fact that you never realised your absolute best nor touched the special genius you were built to be.

10) You reach your last day and discover you could have been a leader and left this world so much better than you found it. But you refused to accept that mission because you were just too scared. And so you failed. And wasted a life.

Failure means ‘Loser’?

Hey! I’m just a teenager, with little experience (as my parents would say), bear with me…………you won’t regret :))

Since childhood we’ve been taught that results define an individual, no matter how much hard work you’ve done, if you don’t succeed at the end then you are considered as a loser, isn’t it? And as we grow up, we too start perceiving the world in the same way. We tend to be okay with living a mediocre life just because we think we aren’t good enough, we prefer to be in our own comfort zones, and we start aspiring for things which are easily accessible to us.

Should we always be ‘cautious’ in life? Should we take every decision considering the repercussions it may have? Well, most of the people will tell you yes, but remember always weigh things yourself before coming to any conclusion. Let’s say what worse can happen if you take a risk in life? You’ll fail, that’s it! The fact that everyone brags about the adage,”Failure is as important as winning,” but in reality we all are terrified to fail.

A footballer who scores an astounding goal in the match, has likely failed numerous times in the practice. A public speaker who now speaks so boldly that even our heart starts appreciating him, once used to go weak in knees while speaking in front of an audience. A swimmer who can now effortlessly cross the lake, has in the past almost drowned in the swimming pool. That’s how we all start! It starts with pain, it takes patience & perseverance, and it ends with peace. It doesn’t matter how many times you fall, what matters is how many times you stand up. “People will break you, rate you, shake you, hate you, criticise you, laugh at you, but how strong you stand is what makes you.”

We need to break the stereotypes. Be proud of your mistakes & failures, as much as you’re proud of your success. Not giving up is the key to your success. Stop comparing yourself to others. God has made you unique, and you can do wonders. Above all, dont be afraid to fail, cause’ in order to stand up you must know what falling down is like. Take risks, where others find it impossible to do, you should look for opportunities in it. Society will laugh at you, taunt you, just because you tried to do something which everyone considered as unconventional. Just smile, and move on!

If you’ve read it till now, then either you know me personally or you too are a struggler like me. Well, I’ll assume the latter, so here’s something for you. Go and stand in front of a mirror, talk to yourself, that what you have done till now & what you will do in future. And promise yourself that no matter how life unfolds, YOU WONT GIVE UP! YOU WILL MAKE YOURSELF PROUD! We all need a soldier in our lives, well be your own soldier. No one’s gonna do it for you. It’s your own struggle, and you will be the only one bearing the fruits from it. And today, today if you grow a cactus, then in future dont criticise or question God that why there aren’t flowers in your life.

Stop questioning, stop finding excuses, stop saying that it’s all about luck. Start working hard, start believing in yourself, start breaking the system – which teaches you that grades are everything, that failure means you’re a loser, that people are born intelligent. Strive and then you’ll succeed. Push yourself, and leave your comfort zone, start doing things which you always wanted to, even if your parents get against you, cause remember when you will achieve it they will be the ones applauding you cheerfully in the crowd. Take a step, and the world is yours, cause’ remember you were born to rule this world.

The “suitable” field

Well, we all heard about the famous bollywood actor’s death. As much as astonished I was, there were many questions too popping yet again in my mind.

Who’s to blame? Sushant or us? I will leave it up to you. You might call him weak, foolish & what not. But are you willing to accept this that at some stages of our lives we all have had this thought in our mind. Dont worry it’s okay, if you dont want to admit. Because well the “society” doesn’t allow us to speak about it, and because of it, we either try to overlook or ignore these things.

Where our parents since childhood teach us that if we secure first, we’ll get a chocolate, and if we come last, we wont get it. Where our parents try to keep us away from kids who aren’t good in studies, & want us to admire people who are academically good. Where parents consider their child dumb & ignorant if he wants to do something out of the box. Where our own parents taunt us for our mistakes, instead of admiring our attributes. Where our parents applaud others kids for doing well in extra-curriculars, & tell their own child to focus on studies instead if he does the same. THESE THINGS ARE BOUND TO HAPPEN IN SUCH A SOCIETY!

You want this to change? You want a better society? Well, start by changing your own house. Applaud your child, everyone is special, everyone can achieve great heights. We all just need a hand on our shoulders, someone standing by us. And when we see our parents being our soldiers, the road becomes easier & struggle becomes a mere formality. A Btech or an MBBS wont make you happy, it isn’t about belonging to a certain profession, it is about doing what you love.